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Stretch Ceilings System NewMatRos


Main functionality

1. Working with a database of clients, textures

2. Creation of figures:

- by measurements sides and diagonals

- simple construction a base contour: rectangle, ellipse

- by angles input

- including additional forms (rectagle, circle, ellipse, polygon, spline ect.)


3. Cutting and defining seams direction:


Automatic calculation:
- ceiling’s area and perimeter (without and with shrinkage);
- remains of materials;
- perimeters: all figure, curves, cuts;
- angles amount;

4. Prepare mounting draft


5. Printing

In the program there is an opportunity of preparing seven documents: «Fax» and «Figure». «Draft», «Parts», «Coordinates», «Guarantee»,«Mounting».

6. Analytics

The program export a datas in Excel-file.

Including the following reports:

  • Report by orders
  • Report by orders – materials
  • Report by orders  - production
  • Report by orders’ state
  • General report  by companies
  • General report  by materials
  • General report  by employees

7. Calculation of order’s cost

Calculation of order’s cost is done by clicking the button «Calculation». The calculation is made by means of Excel-pattern which provides " flexibility" (You, if it’s necessary, will be able to "adapt" it "to yourself").


If you wish to test the program NewMatRos, you can send email with a request on address -

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